Happy Halloween!


It’s not really a holiday, although it seems like plenty of people make it one: Halloween, at the very least, is a day to celebrate the gourd, the pumpkin… a VEGETABLE! No Easter Eggs, Christmas goose, milk chocolate coins, 4th of July hot dogs or Thanksgiving turkeys here… no way, uh-uh… now if something could be done about the pounds and pounds of sugary, teeth-rotting, hyperactivity-inducing candy the kids will be consuming… oy! From us at Going Veg to you – be safe, be scary… Happy Halloween!


One Response to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. h-epomeroy Says:

    Great Pumpkin – maybe it’s the real GREAT PUMPKIN giving us words of wisdom “Eat your vegetables.” So——I’ll be looking forward to great, good-for-us eating ideas for the upcoming holidays. How about tantalizing us with a mouth watering veggie recipe for Thanksgiving. I promise we will make it and serve it. My best to you both for a wonderful look at food and all it can do to help us feel great. (There’s another great – sorry about that.) Emily

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