Plant-Based Potluck, Presentation and Mike Anderson!

Last Saturday, The Plant-Based Dietitian co-hosted a vegan potluck at the Lake Sherwood home of Elena and John Dwight where a cornucopia (no pun intended) of vegan dishes and delights were prepared and set out for the guests, many of them not vegan… yet.

After a nosh session that rivaled a frenzy of blood-thirsty Great White sharks, Julieanna took the stage and presented her Plant-Based approach to nutrition and dietary excellence.

Also on hand for the evening was Mike Anderson, author and filmmaker (see Healing Cancer from the Inside Out and Eating).

Julieanna extended the invitation for Mike to share a few words with the folks on hand and he gladly accepted, delving into the serious issue of Free Markets or lack-thereof when it comes to producing food in America. The evening was captured on camera for Going Veg with The Plant-Based Dietitian as we continue on Julieanna’s mission to save the world.


One Response to “Plant-Based Potluck, Presentation and Mike Anderson!”

  1. Yummy! I bet it was so great to be there. Thank you for sharing and bringing awareness about a plant-based diet. I am a physician and have a blog that advocates a plant-based diet for overall wellness. It’s more of a resource for those considering a transition to a plant-based diet and a community of support (eventually). Anyways, great post. Kind regards, Jenna (

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